19th 2007
Who Watches the Watchmen? Online Poker Rooms and Casinos Struggle with Underage Gambling

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Watching the news in any small town might lead you to believe that there is a tremendous problem on the Internet with underage individuals accessing areas of the Web that are meant for adults only.  In this case, gaming and gambling websites are certainly a target, due to the concept of gaming and gambling being restricted by age to those of adult years.  But in the case of any type of Internet activities, it is extremely difficult to verify the age of individuals who participate in any given online activity, whether adult for otherwise.  At any number of adult websites on the Internet, the concept of an adult verification service has been implemented and failed repeatedly.  There are simply too many easy ways to get around these types of age verification software that require the user to fill out forms and answer questions about events and pop culture that relate to their estimated age.  Other methods involve entering credit card information.  All of these different types of age verification services can easily be fooled and literally have no place on the web as effective discouragement for underage gamblers.

As in the adult industry, gaming and gambling has suffered its fair share of difficulties with underage users and individuals lying about their age or falsifying the information required to sign up in these types of poker rooms and casinos online such as Fulltiltpoker.com.  In the case of gambling on the web and adult oriented online poker rooms, it is not very different from the difficulties that adult websites suffer in keeping out underage individuals who are capable of falsifying the information required by age verification services.

While the government agencies that regulate gaming and gambling have come forth with all manner of concepts and ideas for regulating underage gambling, none of them have been particularly effective in the past.  With this type of poor performance, it leaves much to be desired and much to be questioned about the future performance of any new types of age verification services on the Internet.  In the case of online poker rooms and the difficulties in keeping out underage players, it remains to be seen how effective any new technology that is revealed in the future might be at restricting these types of forbidden participants from the online poker rooms and casinos on the web.

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