25th 2008
The era of the poker dealer is coming to an end

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Can you envision walking into a well known Las Vegas, Nevada hotel and seeing no poker dealers, chips, or poker cards? Well if this seems not easy to believe, you may be in for a big surprise. The Las Vegas based casino hotel Excalibur is now trying out with this new revolutionary idea of automating everything from the dealers, to the actual poker tables. Owners from the casino are going to equip the poker rooms with 12 automated machines for a six-month trial period.
The North-Carolina based company PokerTek is in charge of the automated machines, which are revolutionizing the way poker will be played in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company already has 230 computers around the world, with the largest located in Casino du Montreal (a total of 25 machines were installed in this Canadian hotel).
So what are the side-effects of this modification? For starters, about 40 Excalibur poker dealers will be searching for new employment. Some of these dealers have been functioning at the casino hotel since its opening in 1990. Todd DeRemer, Excalibur’s Vice President of Casino Operations, says that the poker dealers will be offered other dealer places to work in the same hotel.
According to DeRemer, the renovation is being made to give rookie players a chance to play this popular game without feeling intimidated. He had already played these new machines before deciding upon the alteration. “It’s not overwhelming”, he says, “We think that aspect will bring back the poker players”.
The new computers will allow the gamblers to play Texas hold’em, seven card stud and Omaha. 40-inch flat screen televisions, which are located in the core of the table, will show each table’s community cards, poker player’s stakes and the pot.

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