30th 2007
Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments on Television-The Times They Are a Changing

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In the earliest days of the sport of Texas Hold’em poker, the only place that you could find a game was in the gaming halls and betting parlors as well as the saloons that dotted the old West and the frontier that was home to the origins of the game itself.  In these rough-and-tumble days, these types of activities were considered unsuitable for many individuals, considered to be crude and uncouth, and especially unfit for ladies.  As time went on, the concept of playing in these types of Texas Hold’em poker tournaments and cash games became less and less disreputable to the general public and more accepted, resulting in the lenient attitudes that are seen in the modern day towards these types of Texas Hold’em poker tournament events.  In fact, the game and the popularity of these types of events have of gained in popularity so much that they are now televised on broadcast stations such as ESPN and other networks, often played on cable and frequently played late at night, but nonetheless openly broadcast on television for all to see around the world.

The concept of allowing the entire world to participate and watch the Texas Hold’em poker tournaments and games that were played in the saloons and gaming halls of the old West would have been laughed at, but in the modern day it makes for extremely suitable entertainment, as viewers tune in record numbers to see professional level Texas Hold’em poker tournament players go head to head in an attempt to emerge victorious against their opponents.  With all this effort made to televise the Texas Hold’em poker tournament as a promotional vehicle on the part of the Texas Hold’em poker room and casino establishment as well as the broadcast station itself, it is easy to overlook the cost effectiveness of televising this type of event.  Considering that the events will be hosted regardless, it only makes sense for the poker rooms and casinos that play host venue to televise the event in order to create an increased amount of attention and exposure for the products and services that they offer.  With this focus on drawing in more and more enthusiastic gamers and gamblers to the Texas Hold’em poker tournament tables, the television station as well as the host of the tournament both emerge with something of value, a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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