30th 2007
Professional Texas Hold’em Tournament Play- Does It Have a Future?

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As the United States market economy begins to stagnate due to the slump in the new housing market, Texas Hold’em poker tournament players are left to wonder what type of future their favorite sport and pastime might have in the United States.  As more and more laws are elected, legislation is passed and politicians focus on gaming and gambling as an easy target, it looks quite grim for the future of the Texas Hold’em poker tournament players as well as for online poker room and casino players.  With this double whammy of lowered revenue and government interference, it does seem as if the industry of gaming and gambling in general has gotten a bad rap from legislators and lawmakers in the United States.  With the attacks that have been consistently made on online poker rooms and casinos such as Fulltiltpoker.com, combined with the exorbitant taxes that are charged to Las Vegas hotels and casinos and the billions upon billions of dollars that they bring in on a regular basis, many Texas Hold’em poker tournament players as well as establishment proprietors are considering bailing out of the United States altogether.  It is difficult to argue with this point of view, seeing as how there is so much effort put into fighting against the gaming and gambling establishments in general.

With the tendency of politicians to find a hot button, easily targeted issue, and milk it for all it’s worth, gambling and gaming in general have repeatedly come up as a target of the moral majority and has come under fire again and again for its perceived ability to corrupt the youth of the nation in general.  As long as these difficulties exist, with or without the reduced return of revenue from the domestic market, it will be difficult for any type of gambling and gaming institution to conduct business in any way shape or form.  At some point, the establishment proprietors will simply be unable to comply with the steady stream of legislation coming out of Washington, or will simply not be interested in fighting the good fight again and again, repeatedly having to earn the right to conduct business as an institution over and over.

While this outlook might seem grim, it is highly likely, considering the continuous nature of the United States Government attack on the gambling institution as a whole.  Until this extremely detrimental view is mitigated, the Texas Hold’em poker tournaments and gambling institutions that host them will continue to come under fire.

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