29th 2008
Poker Special Program will air on Television

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This Sunday, November 30th the CBS network will show their investigation special “How Online Gamblers Unmasked Cheaters”. This special program was shot after a 4 month investigation into the online Texas Hold’em poker business and purposely a cheating scandal concerning the online Texas Hold’em room Absolute Poker.

This poker website was examined after some of the poker players on the page said that some person was dishonestly winning a large amount of cash. Todd Witteles was a vital player in this inquiry, according to Witteles; he was losing large amounts of cash to the exact same poker player. Witteles claimed that this player was raising against very good cards, most players would have guessed he was basically handing over his money, but he was incredibly earning a great deal of cash.

Witteles was in the right with his statements, much later it was exposed that a poker player with knowledge of the site was able to watch any poker player’s poker hole cards. At first glance, Absolute Poker claimed that there were no faults with the site or the poker player. After numerous players presented the site with accusations, the Texas Hold’em page investigated further into the cheating problem and discovered wrongdoing.

By Jan. of 2008, the Kahnawake Gaming Commision came across what the poker players and the Texas Hold’em poker site had supposed all along. The result of the investigation was that, there was a worker who had attacked the Texas Hold’em poker webpage’s security system and was competing illegally for roughly a month and a half. The study verified that the Texas Hold’em site had not gained from the dishonest transactions whatsoever, and was in no way involved.

These crimes are further confirmation that there needs to be more laws in regards to Texas Hold’em poker sites. The US government ought to license and legalize the internet Texas Hold’em poker industry to guard these honest consumers. These rules would also regulate the access to these pages by kids, which is turning into another fear recently.

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