10th 2009
Full Tilt Welcomes Dwan with Official “durrrr” Prosite

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As its been reported over the weekend, Tom Durrrr Dwan has officially signed with Full Tilt Poker. The online poker website has given the poker professional a warm welcome with an Official “durrrr” Prosite featuring a welcome video and other details from the career of ”durrrr”.

One of the most interesting areas of the Official Website is the welcome video from Team Full Tilt poker players Howard Lederer, Andy Bloch, Jennifer Harman and a few others. The ”durrrr” video on also features an appearance from the legendary online poker player

Tom “durrrr” Dwan has been keeping himself busy lately with a new Dwan blog, which will actually be written from events of Tom Dwan himself. Not to mention the durrrr Challenge which is on its 27,185th hand out of the projected 50,000 total hands.

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