19th 2007
Celebrities Invade Popular Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments

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The concept of celebrities competing in world-famous Texas Hold’em Poker tournament competitions is nothing new, but the trend has apparently stepped up in recent years as more and more big names show up in these types of gaming and gambling events all around the world in areas such as the Las Vegas gambling capital of the United States.  By attending these types of Texas Hold’em poker tournaments, celebrities increase their level of exposure while simultaneously creating some publicity for the event itself.  In this way, both the celebrity and the establishment or Texas Hold’em poker tournament venue benefit from the activities of the celebrities who are so inclined to take advantage of the action available at the Texas Hold’em poker tournament tables.  With a long list of celebrity players that include Shannon Elizabeth, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jennifer Tilly and Tobey Maguire, the World Series of poker tournament in Las Vegas has seen all manner of celebrities at some point or another, some of which have managed to take home cash winnings in some cases.  With the emphasis on celebrity players attracting more and more publicity for the Texas Hold’em poker tournaments, establishment proprietors are more than happy to cater to these types of big-name players who brings so much attention and so much of the focus from all around the world.  In the case of extremely skilled celebrity poker players, they have more than an even chance of staying strong in the Texas Hold’em poker tournaments even against professional level players.
In fact, in the case of some players such as Tobey Maguire, many celebrities maintain regular poker games at their private residence and win literally millions from such big-name players as Steven Spielberg and Val Kilmer on a consistent basis.  Considering the tremendous levels of cash revenue that are available to these types of world-famous celebrities, it is not surprising that they might have a better than even chance of success at high limit games due to their experience with such tremendous amounts of money and their familiarity with the wagering of such large amounts.  Naturally, with all the celebrities that enjoy playing poker and competing in the Texas Hold’em poker tournaments that are so popular around the world, the industry itself has received more attention and more new players as a result.  This is all positive information and good news for the gambling and gaming facilities and the industry which always benefits from increased exposure and publicity of any kind.

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