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30th 2009
Full Tilt Poker’s Newest Poker Client

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The most popular online poker site Full Tilt Poker is releasing a brand new online poker client that integrates brand new features on both the front end and backend and creates an easier poker experience.

The first thing poker players will take notice of is a brand new welcome page featuring a fresh modern appearance as well as a few innovative aspects including a list of random security tips shown on the bottom of the screen. Full Tilt’s newest software provides poker players three separate lobby views: Basic, Standard and Classic View.

The Basic View provides beginner poker players the opportunity of catching up with the new poker software and viewing the games without the demands of playing poker. The Basic View provides step by step information on all the existing poker games, and offers players the ability to decide on their currency, type of game, Game (Hold’em, Omaha Hi or HL, Stud and Mixed Games), Limit (Fixed, Pot or No Limit), and Stake. Also players can now check the action before entering a table with the new “Observe Table” option or by clicking on “Browse Table to see the list of available poker tables.

The Standard View provides information about all the available poker games and permits poker players to modify the list of games and poker tables to display only the poker games of their choosing. This alternative also provides poker players the possibility of selecting the type of poker table, poker game, stake and check the tables before joining the action.

Players can also decide on the Classic view and stay with Full Tilt’s original lobby, however, this alternative will be on hand for a limited time only and will be suspended shortly.

Both the Basic and Standard views also contain inventive new characteristics such as new rotating graphic screen placed on the left that presents poker players direct  access to Full Tilt Poker’s promos and poker events including the FTOPS, Iron Man, Play with the Pros, Full Tilt Poker Academy, Poker Deposit Bonuses, and many other poker promotions and Full Tilt Poker Tournaments, as well as a video option that allows Full Tilt Players to watch videos right from the new poker client.

The new poker client from Full Tilt is accessible for Mac and Windows OS. To download The new poker client software from Full Tilt Poker visit Full Tilt Poker Website or click here.

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16th 2009
Guinness World Record for Online Poker Tournament Most Players

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Full Tilt Poker will attempt to stamp its name on the Guinness Records and to do so; the site has announced that it will try to set a new record for the Largest Online Poker Tournament. Full Tilt’s Record Breaker tournament was unveiled as the finale to FIVE, a week of events and promotions created exclusively to celebrate the site’s 5th anniversary. The tournament will take place on July 19th at 15:05ET, players can buy in for this event for only $5 or 1000 Full Tilt Points and compete for a share of a $250,000 guaranteed with $250,000 added prize pool. Players can also get entries to this event by playing the online satellites available on the site and starting for as little as 30 cents or 50 Full Tilt Points.

Team Full Tilt pros and WSOP bracelet winners Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and Phil Ivey have already confirmed they will take part in the event, offering players the chance to sit down at this historic tournament and play with some of the best high stakes and tournament pros in the world.

“By extending the limits of what is possible in online poker tournaments, Full Tilt Poker will allow players to compete for a big payout without the big buy-in,” said Team Full Tilt member Howard Lederer.

Putting together a poker tournament of this magnitude would be nearly impossible for any brick and mortar casino or poker room. The current record for the largest “live” poker tournament was set at the 2006 WSOP Main Event with 8,772 players. To break the current Guinness Record set by in December, 2008, Full Tilt Poker will need to attract over 35.000 players. If successful, this tournament will establish Full Tilt Poker as World Record holder and cement its reputation as a world leader in online poker industry.

For more information on Full Tilt’s Record Breaker tournament, please visit

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24th 2009
Full Tilt Opens New durrrr Challenge Page

Posted under & poker & poker news & poker tournament has recently opened a new informative site containing all the excitement of the “Durrrr Challenge”, an incredible online heads up poker tournament involving some of the world’s best big money poker players competing against the online poker star Tom “durrrr” Dwan.

The innovative new website section offers online poker players and fanatics the chance to stay on top of this incredible online poker challenge and get timely challenge details. With this new “durrrr Challenge site fans can view all the action and check out each hand played during the poker challenge, and get lots of statistics, including number of hands played, time of session, amount won, average won during each hand and lots more.

Around six months ago, the twenty-three year old online poker star issued a heads-up poker challenge for any poker player with the cash, time and talent to accept it. Any poker star entering the durrrr challenge has to bet $500,000 against Dwan’s $1.5 million. Dwan’s challenge states that at least 50,000 online poker hands need to be played simultaneously at 4 or more tables of no-limit Hold’em or pot-limit Omaha. At the end of the heads up challenge, the player who has more cash will take home the pool. Basically if you enter the durrrr challenge and win $1 after the 50,000 poker hands, then you will take home Tom’s $1.5 Million, but if he succeeds by a dollar then he will take home your $500,000.

To date, a number of poker players have agreed to to play the “durrrr challenge”, including WSOP Champ Phil Ivey and David Benyamine, though, only Patrick Antonius has said yes to the Full Tilt Poker Challenge. Until now, both poker pros have completed in a total of 20,647 hands out of 50,000, with Tom Dwan up by $726,546 total.

If you would like more information on the Full Tilt Poker durrrr Challenge and durrrr vs. Antonius, please go to

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8th 2009
2009 WSOP Coverage and Blogs from

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The hugely successful poker site Full Tilt is taking the coverage to the next level with the 2009 WSOP with their 2009 World Series of Poker Coverage Page, a new portal created to inform customers on everything related to the 2009 WSOP, including players views, players’ insights, players’ coverage, timely updates, poker celebrities’ blogs and more.’s new WSOP Coverage Page is not the usual information site provided by most of the other sites. Full Tilt’s Site is divided into three sections, and includes a daily highlights piece in where fans can get access to the WSOP 2009 events info, results, players and more in an articles series written by the Full Tilt Poker poker experts Roy Winston and AlCantHang. Aside from the typical daily updates and results on each and every event, Full Tilt’s 2009 World Series of Poker Coverage Page also highlights two blogs, Poker from the Rail Blog, which features commentary, covering news, inside info from Professionals, opinions from Full Tilt’s viewers and writers and guest posts from special guest bloggers, and the Pro Blog, which highlights commentaries from members of Team Full Tilt playing in the WSOP 2009, including Andy Bloch, Jon “Pearljammed” Turner and Roy Winston.

In addition,’s new 2009 WSOP Coverage Page has a Twitter area that provides round the clock updates and info from various poker pros. Poker players involved in the Twitter area include, Beth Shak, Jennifer Harman, Andy Bloch, Howard Lederer, Mike Matusow and Rafe Furst. The Twitter section allows players to create short messages letting the world know whats going on. These messages known as “tweets”, can be sent from any place in the world through a cell phone or other portable device.

For more information on’s new WSOP Coverage Page please visit

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10th 2009

Posted under Texas Hold em tournament & poker & poker news & poker tournament & world series of poker

Open to ALL WDIAV Forum Members

This is your LAST BEST CHANCE to win one of SIX $1,500 2009 World Series of Poker event tickets in Las Vegas!

May 17th, 9 pm EST - Put it on your calendar! $500 Freeroll PLUS a chance to win a ticket to our WSOP Step 4 final where we are giving away 6 WSOP seats. Top 18 placers in the event will win a Step 4 ticket.

Terms and conditions:

1. You MUST be a registered WDIAV Forum member. This Freeroll will be by pre-registration ONLY. No password.

2. You MUST have a minimum of 50 valid (i.e. non-spam or redundant) posts to the forum threads.

3. You must have a minimum of 50 forum points available to enter. You can still earn points under the CURRENT point system (more about that below) by making posts to the forum and by posting your avatar. When you enter this final freeroll tournament, you will be redeeming ALL of your current forum points for this last chance to win.

4. All Step 4 Tickets are transferable to another forum member or WDIAV Player. Anyone found selling tickets will be immediately disqualified and their forum account will be cancelled. All tickets have no cash value.

5. WSOP seat(s) are non-transferable and have no cash value. You must be present at the RIO with your Harrah’s players card to obtain your WSOP seat.

6. You MUST be 21 years old at the time you present your ticket in Las Vegas for your $1,500 event #7 seat. This event will be played on June 2nd, 2009 at 12 noon.

7. Winners are responsible for any and all taxes, travel, expenses and any other costs incurred in this promotion. Winners of WSOP seats agree to wear the shirt and hat of our choice while playing in the event. Winners agree to hold WDIAV harmless for any occurrence as a result of this promotion. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

8. The final date to earn forum points and to make 50 posts to the forum is May 15th, 2009. After that date, forum members who try to enter this tournament by completing their posts and points will not be allowed to play in this tournament!

If you haven’t had time to earn points and post into the forum or you’re a new forum member, here’s your chance to get into a really GREAT DEAL! Get your points and posts into the WDIAV forum by NO LATER than May 12th, 2009.


We’ve been working hard to try to create a point system that rewards forum members who contribute to our forum and who make it a fun and interesting place to visit. The DAY AFTER this special tournament, we will be announcing our new forum point system. At that time, all old WDIAV points will be come invalid.

Some of the new features:

* Automatic point calculation

* Automatic point redemption for passwords to tournaments

* Point rewards for all parts of the forum - threads, posts, photos, videos, referrals, blogs, comments, adding events to the calendar and much more.

* Redeem points for cash and gift certificates

Once again, we want to say thanks to all our members who have made our forum the success it is. Now we want to take it to the next step in enjoyment.

Regards, WDIAV Team

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21st 2008
Many Holiday Promotions are available by the Top Online Poker Rooms

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full tilt poker
Holiday cheer has hit most of the top internet Texas Hold’em Poker sites this year, and they have become very generous with their bonuses. Taking into account what sort of online No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker site bonus you are searching for; there is one out there for you. After looking at the most popular online poker websites, these were the best promotions in the business.

Starting off with the ever popular internet Texas Hold’em Poker site Full Tilt, they are promoting “The Holiday $100k”. The poker site is giving all their Texas Hold’em Poker players an opportunity to win $100,000, by cashing in only 2000 points. This poker tournament will start on Dec. 27th and then a 2nd game on December the 28th. is also offering members a chance to win an entry into one of the games by competing in a Freeroll on the website.

The next poker room we checked out was poker, they have had bonuses every day all through the month of December. Already they have awarded IPods, a $1000 New depositer Freeroll, and on the 19th you could qualify to take home a flat screen TV. They have their their “Days of Deals” promotion continuing throughout the month of December.

Lastly, Party Poker is announcing “The Great Gift Giveaway”. The way to win is by winning your way up the ladder and the more points you win, the bigger the prizes you can take home. There are countless prizes to be had to win such as entrances into prize tournaments or cash payments. Additionally if you would like to play on the Texas Hold’em Poker site on December 25th, Party Poker will double up your points on their real money No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker tables.

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29th 2008
Poker Special Program will air on Television

Posted under poker & poker laws & texas hold'em rooms

absolute poker
This Sunday, November 30th the CBS network will show their investigation special “How Online Gamblers Unmasked Cheaters”. This special program was shot after a 4 month investigation into the online Texas Hold’em poker business and purposely a cheating scandal concerning the online Texas Hold’em room Absolute Poker.

This poker website was examined after some of the poker players on the page said that some person was dishonestly winning a large amount of cash. Todd Witteles was a vital player in this inquiry, according to Witteles; he was losing large amounts of cash to the exact same poker player. Witteles claimed that this player was raising against very good cards, most players would have guessed he was basically handing over his money, but he was incredibly earning a great deal of cash.

Witteles was in the right with his statements, much later it was exposed that a poker player with knowledge of the site was able to watch any poker player’s poker hole cards. At first glance, Absolute Poker claimed that there were no faults with the site or the poker player. After numerous players presented the site with accusations, the Texas Hold’em page investigated further into the cheating problem and discovered wrongdoing.

By Jan. of 2008, the Kahnawake Gaming Commision came across what the poker players and the Texas Hold’em poker site had supposed all along. The result of the investigation was that, there was a worker who had attacked the Texas Hold’em poker webpage’s security system and was competing illegally for roughly a month and a half. The study verified that the Texas Hold’em site had not gained from the dishonest transactions whatsoever, and was in no way involved.

These crimes are further confirmation that there needs to be more laws in regards to Texas Hold’em poker sites. The US government ought to license and legalize the internet Texas Hold’em poker industry to guard these honest consumers. These rules would also regulate the access to these pages by kids, which is turning into another fear recently.

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24th 2008
Is it Possible to Make Money by Playing Texas Hold’em Tournaments?

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jennifer harman
Take a minute to imagine if you were to talk to any ordinary guy or girl off the street about online Texas Hold’em, they almost certainly wouldn’t deem Texas Hold’em poker to be a game of practice, planning, or close examination. More than likely when you point out online Texas Hold’em with them, they would in all probability picture some friends lounging around their kitchen table talking and smoking cigars. They also may consider poker to be a game of pure luck and not ability, more similar to a game of blackjack and not chess, for instance.

So the big question mark there is: “Could I possibly make a living by playing poker?”. It may seem strange but, it is possible to make a profit from poker. More than a few individuals not only make a profit by playing Texas Hold’em poker, but also make enough to live by competing in Texas Hold’em. The main issue you have to remember about online poker is that while you can play in a LV casino, next to craps tables and slots; in Texas Hold’em poker you are not playing against the house but against other Texas Hold’em poker contestants. Hence, in reality, you are risking your money against other poker players in a match of aptitude as opposed to a game of fate.

You could be saying to yourself: “Doesn’t it pay to be lucky?” Naturally in Texas Hold’em poker, not a soul has any idea which cards will be dealt. That doesn’t suggest that one cannot play Texas Hold’em with a reliable quantity of pre-tournament data. One thing that is important to remember in online Texas Hold’em is that numbers can be your best friend. Statistics performs a vital role in the game of Texas Hold’em. Not forgetting, that even if you become a little lucky every once in while the figures always have a way of humbling a poker player.

Always remember that LV casino table games like Texas Hold’em poker where you are actually contending versus other actual contenders CAN be won. You will find that the more you play the game of poker, you will discover that it is more of game of skill as opposed to just genuine fate.

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10th 2008
Full Tilt Texas Hold’em Website and WPTE Sign TV Sponsorship Deal

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full tilt
Two of the largest Texas Hold’em businesses around are joining forces very soon in what is predicted to be an incredibly lucrative gamble. The hugely popular online Texas Hold’em site Fulltiltpoker has just declared that they will be working with WPT for the following World Poker Tour Enterprises season. Fulltiltpoker is going to be the main supporter of the World World Poker Tour Enterprises’ television season, and the online poker room will be presented in every one of the episodes which can be seen on FSN. will acquire all the rights to the educational pieces of the installments.

Facts of this partnership have not been made known as of yet, but the deal is certain be a great achievement. This contract will combine two particularly prominent poker brands. W.P.T.E. which is a prominent force on television through F.S.N. and which has a gigantic Texas Hold’em poker set of fans, and a poker team consisting of players who have collected a total of ten WPT titles and 35 World Series of Poker bracelets. Full Tilt also supports many other poker players and now the Texas Hold’em poker site has started providing poker teaching as well.

This accord is assured to attract a fresh following and should to meet with the new distinction which Texas Hold’em is generating. This pact signifies W.P.T.’s submission of the online poker room market as World Poker Tour will quickly shut their online poker site World Poker Tour Enterprises online. Their subscription page will in all probability maintain their site.

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4th 2008
Avoiding Disturbances when playing Online Poker

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The benefits of Full Tilt Poker versus real-life casinos are countless, but with these benefits there are also several troubles. Internet poker allows regular amateur players the option to play in professional poker tournaments with skilled poker players, but these beginner players ought to steer clear of any disturbances that could impair their opportunities to become a poker champ.

Most online poker players become preoccupied by household distractions, or even by the online poker site they are playing on. These disturbances can really cost them excellent poker hands and probably their well-merited poker tournament chips. The game of Texas Holdem is a game of proficiency as well as complete attentiveness, no matter if you are competing at online Texas Holdem, or in an actual casino.

Perhaps, the most prevalent blunder that Full Tilt Poker players commit is by being involved in more than one poker table at the same time. The majority of amateur Full Tilt Poker players will imagine that this is a good idea, but in the end it might workout to be a harm. This method of playing several Texas Hold em poker tables simultaneously will divert your focus and at the end of it all cost you poker money. Don’t forget that even the most famous poker players out there can commit harmful errors when focusing their mind on a few online Texas Holdem poker tables at the same time.

Any particular online Texas Holdem player, maybe at any time, find themselves playing diverse Full Tilt Poker tables at once, at the same time as they are watching television, reading their preferred website, calling their friends etc. This is a state which is supposed to be avoided if you wish to win online Texas Holdem games and succeed for big online Texas Holdem poker tournaments. Keep in mind to focus your thoughts on the other internet poker player’s bets, their intentions, and your own online Texas Holdem poker hands if you desire to be the best Texas Hold em player.

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