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24th 2009
Full Tilt Opens New durrrr Challenge Page

Posted under & poker & poker news & poker tournament has recently opened a new informative site containing all the excitement of the “Durrrr Challenge”, an incredible online heads up poker tournament involving some of the world’s best big money poker players competing against the online poker star Tom “durrrr” Dwan.

The innovative new website section offers online poker players and fanatics the chance to stay on top of this incredible online poker challenge and get timely challenge details. With this new “durrrr Challenge site fans can view all the action and check out each hand played during the poker challenge, and get lots of statistics, including number of hands played, time of session, amount won, average won during each hand and lots more.

Around six months ago, the twenty-three year old online poker star issued a heads-up poker challenge for any poker player with the cash, time and talent to accept it. Any poker star entering the durrrr challenge has to bet $500,000 against Dwan’s $1.5 million. Dwan’s challenge states that at least 50,000 online poker hands need to be played simultaneously at 4 or more tables of no-limit Hold’em or pot-limit Omaha. At the end of the heads up challenge, the player who has more cash will take home the pool. Basically if you enter the durrrr challenge and win $1 after the 50,000 poker hands, then you will take home Tom’s $1.5 Million, but if he succeeds by a dollar then he will take home your $500,000.

To date, a number of poker players have agreed to to play the “durrrr challenge”, including WSOP Champ Phil Ivey and David Benyamine, though, only Patrick Antonius has said yes to the Full Tilt Poker Challenge. Until now, both poker pros have completed in a total of 20,647 hands out of 50,000, with Tom Dwan up by $726,546 total.

If you would like more information on the Full Tilt Poker durrrr Challenge and durrrr vs. Antonius, please go to

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10th 2009

Posted under Texas Hold em tournament & poker & poker news & poker tournament & world series of poker

Open to ALL WDIAV Forum Members

This is your LAST BEST CHANCE to win one of SIX $1,500 2009 World Series of Poker event tickets in Las Vegas!

May 17th, 9 pm EST - Put it on your calendar! $500 Freeroll PLUS a chance to win a ticket to our WSOP Step 4 final where we are giving away 6 WSOP seats. Top 18 placers in the event will win a Step 4 ticket.

Terms and conditions:

1. You MUST be a registered WDIAV Forum member. This Freeroll will be by pre-registration ONLY. No password.

2. You MUST have a minimum of 50 valid (i.e. non-spam or redundant) posts to the forum threads.

3. You must have a minimum of 50 forum points available to enter. You can still earn points under the CURRENT point system (more about that below) by making posts to the forum and by posting your avatar. When you enter this final freeroll tournament, you will be redeeming ALL of your current forum points for this last chance to win.

4. All Step 4 Tickets are transferable to another forum member or WDIAV Player. Anyone found selling tickets will be immediately disqualified and their forum account will be cancelled. All tickets have no cash value.

5. WSOP seat(s) are non-transferable and have no cash value. You must be present at the RIO with your Harrah’s players card to obtain your WSOP seat.

6. You MUST be 21 years old at the time you present your ticket in Las Vegas for your $1,500 event #7 seat. This event will be played on June 2nd, 2009 at 12 noon.

7. Winners are responsible for any and all taxes, travel, expenses and any other costs incurred in this promotion. Winners of WSOP seats agree to wear the shirt and hat of our choice while playing in the event. Winners agree to hold WDIAV harmless for any occurrence as a result of this promotion. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

8. The final date to earn forum points and to make 50 posts to the forum is May 15th, 2009. After that date, forum members who try to enter this tournament by completing their posts and points will not be allowed to play in this tournament!

If you haven’t had time to earn points and post into the forum or you’re a new forum member, here’s your chance to get into a really GREAT DEAL! Get your points and posts into the WDIAV forum by NO LATER than May 12th, 2009.


We’ve been working hard to try to create a point system that rewards forum members who contribute to our forum and who make it a fun and interesting place to visit. The DAY AFTER this special tournament, we will be announcing our new forum point system. At that time, all old WDIAV points will be come invalid.

Some of the new features:

* Automatic point calculation

* Automatic point redemption for passwords to tournaments

* Point rewards for all parts of the forum - threads, posts, photos, videos, referrals, blogs, comments, adding events to the calendar and much more.

* Redeem points for cash and gift certificates

Once again, we want to say thanks to all our members who have made our forum the success it is. Now we want to take it to the next step in enjoyment.

Regards, WDIAV Team

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17th 2008
Is Shooting your Mouth Off in Texas Hold’Em a Smart Tactic?

Posted under Texas Hold em tournament & poker tournament & texas hold'em strategy

Certainly the most despicable personalities at the Texas Hold’em table most every time will continually be the show-off. You have an idea of the one I’m talking about. He’s the person that takes a seat at the no-limit Texas Hold’em table and makes sure you’re conscious that he wants all of your no-limit Texas Hold’em chips; leaving the poker table with the exact same mind-set that he came with. Even if this guy gets shut down, he has in his mind that he is the top Texas Hold’em player on the globe.

Even as most Texas Hold’em players would prefer to stay away from opponents of this variety, there are those who argue that shooting off their mouths could have its rewards. So, the big doubt is: Is there such a thing as a good no limit Texas Hold’em poker attention-seeker or dishonest poker boaster? Boasting about how skillful you are in no-limit Texas Hold’em is mostly just like asserting: “I am the finest Texas Hold’em player on the globe, always remember to stay on top of things while you’re competing in a Texas Hold’em game against me!” Most certainly that is the nastiest vibe you are going to want to give off playing Texas Hold’em. What’s more, spilling too much info. about your no limit Texas Hold’em poker playing method can be damaging to your Texas Hold’em Poker game. You positively do not want these guys to get a clue about how you bet on specific no-limit Texas Hold’em hands.

In addition there are those no-limit Texas Hold’em players who might exploit bragging as a kind of no limit Texas Hold’em poker strategy, or bluff. Showing-off when you are dealt a particular poker hand might bewilder your opponents and stump them about your no-limit Texas Hold’em playing technique. Some people might consider this plan somewhat unethical, but it is important to remember that there are not too tons of rules against it in Texas Hold’em Poker. Poker is all about making a dollar out of fifteen cents and exploiting it to the max.

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10th 2008
Full Tilt Texas Hold’em Website and WPTE Sign TV Sponsorship Deal

Posted under Texas Hold em tournament & poker & poker tournament

full tilt
Two of the largest Texas Hold’em businesses around are joining forces very soon in what is predicted to be an incredibly lucrative gamble. The hugely popular online Texas Hold’em site Fulltiltpoker has just declared that they will be working with WPT for the following World Poker Tour Enterprises season. Fulltiltpoker is going to be the main supporter of the World World Poker Tour Enterprises’ television season, and the online poker room will be presented in every one of the episodes which can be seen on FSN. will acquire all the rights to the educational pieces of the installments.

Facts of this partnership have not been made known as of yet, but the deal is certain be a great achievement. This contract will combine two particularly prominent poker brands. W.P.T.E. which is a prominent force on television through F.S.N. and which has a gigantic Texas Hold’em poker set of fans, and a poker team consisting of players who have collected a total of ten WPT titles and 35 World Series of Poker bracelets. Full Tilt also supports many other poker players and now the Texas Hold’em poker site has started providing poker teaching as well.

This accord is assured to attract a fresh following and should to meet with the new distinction which Texas Hold’em is generating. This pact signifies W.P.T.’s submission of the online poker room market as World Poker Tour will quickly shut their online poker site World Poker Tour Enterprises online. Their subscription page will in all probability maintain their site.

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1st 2008
Bodog Texas Hold em event expected to be a big draw

Posted under Texas Hold em tournament & poker & poker tournament

bodog poker
A huge prize pool was announced by Bodog poker, with the main tournament awarding $300,000 guaranteed. The total for the eight day poker event will be higher than $650,000, throughout the fourteen tournament event. The Bodog Texas Hold em event will begin Sunday, September 28th and continues until Sunday, October 5th. The popular poker website will also feature six “Bounty” eliminatories, where the competitors can win $109 in Texas Hold em credits for each Team Bodog poker competitor they eliminate from the poker tournament. The hottest poker players will be playing all contestants in the poker contest.

Team Bodog professional, Justin Bonomo, is undeniably energized about the event. Throughout his poker career, the 23 year old has brought home around $1.4 million. He says that if you considered that the first poker championship was big, you will definitely be astounded with this year’s Texas Hold em contest and the prize money involved. He also challenges anyone that dares to knock him out of the Texas hold em tournament to step forward.

The first Bounty Tournament is going to be the first poker contest in the championship on Sunday. Any player has the ability to buy-In right into this, and any of the other poker games with cash. Or another alternative is to win their way into the events through the satellites which are being played every night during the poker championship week. Bodog will feature six bounty events and seven “Championship Events”, that will have higher buy-ins and deeper stacks.

There are thirteen contests which will lead up to the main event on Sunday, October 5 at 4:00 p.m. E.S.T. This is the championship with a guaranteed $300,000 in cash, despite the quantity of Texas Hold em players in the championship. All the poker challengers who want to enter the main tournament will have to pay $500 for the buy-in and in turn will accept 10,000 in poker chips.

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