25th 2008
Answering the Top 3 poker tactics Questions

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Is it better to play a tight poker tournament or a loose poker tournament?

You will undoubtedly hear both theories from your fellow poker players or perhaps the so-called poker authorities. Let’s take a look first at the tight Texas holdem’ players. Each player including yourself will find it difficult winning, if the entire table is playing tight. What could happen if you have a table full of tight Texas holdem’ players is the Texas holdem’ players will end up swapping the smaller pots back and forth to each other. All the while the poker lounge is raking in heaps of your hard-earned money, and that of your competition. So now you could think, is it better to play loose? Well, in this circumstance the better poker players are going to lose fewer hands, but at the end of it all nobody is going to win.

How can I improve my poker playing in the long run?

The answer to this question is as straightforward as a piece of paper and a pen. A good plan to find out a lot about your playing method and strategy, is to keep track of your Texas holdem’ playing. It’s possible to write down this information during the poker game, and then transfer it to a database on your home computer. This can also help you learn about your competitor’s playing style, and what is the best tactic to conquer them.

Should I use the same strategy for every Texas holdem’ tournament?

If you think that being predictable is a winning tactic for playing poker, then you should think about changing your Texas holdem’ strategy. The poker pros have the same opinion that changing your Texas holdem’ playing approach is the greatest way to confuse and baffle your Texas holdem’ opponents. You should analyze a number of strategies, find the best ones for each situation and alter them for every Texas holdem’ game.

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