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24th 2009
Full Tilt Opens New durrrr Challenge Page

Posted under & poker & poker news & poker tournament has recently opened a new informative site containing all the excitement of the “Durrrr Challenge”, an incredible online heads up poker tournament involving some of the world’s best big money poker players competing against the online poker star Tom “durrrr” Dwan.

The innovative new website section offers online poker players and fanatics the chance to stay on top of this incredible online poker challenge and get timely challenge details. With this new “durrrr Challenge site fans can view all the action and check out each hand played during the poker challenge, and get lots of statistics, including number of hands played, time of session, amount won, average won during each hand and lots more.

Around six months ago, the twenty-three year old online poker star issued a heads-up poker challenge for any poker player with the cash, time and talent to accept it. Any poker star entering the durrrr challenge has to bet $500,000 against Dwan’s $1.5 million. Dwan’s challenge states that at least 50,000 online poker hands need to be played simultaneously at 4 or more tables of no-limit Hold’em or pot-limit Omaha. At the end of the heads up challenge, the player who has more cash will take home the pool. Basically if you enter the durrrr challenge and win $1 after the 50,000 poker hands, then you will take home Tom’s $1.5 Million, but if he succeeds by a dollar then he will take home your $500,000.

To date, a number of poker players have agreed to to play the “durrrr challenge”, including WSOP Champ Phil Ivey and David Benyamine, though, only Patrick Antonius has said yes to the Full Tilt Poker Challenge. Until now, both poker pros have completed in a total of 20,647 hands out of 50,000, with Tom Dwan up by $726,546 total.

If you would like more information on the Full Tilt Poker durrrr Challenge and durrrr vs. Antonius, please go to

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8th 2009
2009 WSOP Coverage and Blogs from

Posted under & poker & poker news

The hugely successful poker site Full Tilt is taking the coverage to the next level with the 2009 WSOP with their 2009 World Series of Poker Coverage Page, a new portal created to inform customers on everything related to the 2009 WSOP, including players views, players’ insights, players’ coverage, timely updates, poker celebrities’ blogs and more.’s new WSOP Coverage Page is not the usual information site provided by most of the other sites. Full Tilt’s Site is divided into three sections, and includes a daily highlights piece in where fans can get access to the WSOP 2009 events info, results, players and more in an articles series written by the Full Tilt Poker poker experts Roy Winston and AlCantHang. Aside from the typical daily updates and results on each and every event, Full Tilt’s 2009 World Series of Poker Coverage Page also highlights two blogs, Poker from the Rail Blog, which features commentary, covering news, inside info from Professionals, opinions from Full Tilt’s viewers and writers and guest posts from special guest bloggers, and the Pro Blog, which highlights commentaries from members of Team Full Tilt playing in the WSOP 2009, including Andy Bloch, Jon “Pearljammed” Turner and Roy Winston.

In addition,’s new 2009 WSOP Coverage Page has a Twitter area that provides round the clock updates and info from various poker pros. Poker players involved in the Twitter area include, Beth Shak, Jennifer Harman, Andy Bloch, Howard Lederer, Mike Matusow and Rafe Furst. The Twitter section allows players to create short messages letting the world know whats going on. These messages known as “tweets”, can be sent from any place in the world through a cell phone or other portable device.

For more information on’s new WSOP Coverage Page please visit

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