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25th 2008
Answering the Top 3 poker tactics Questions

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Is it better to play a tight poker tournament or a loose poker tournament?

You will undoubtedly hear both theories from your fellow poker players or perhaps the so-called poker authorities. Let’s take a look first at the tight Texas holdem’ players. Each player including yourself will find it difficult winning, if the entire table is playing tight. What could happen if you have a table full of tight Texas holdem’ players is the Texas holdem’ players will end up swapping the smaller pots back and forth to each other. All the while the poker lounge is raking in heaps of your hard-earned money, and that of your competition. So now you could think, is it better to play loose? Well, in this circumstance the better poker players are going to lose fewer hands, but at the end of it all nobody is going to win.

How can I improve my poker playing in the long run?

The answer to this question is as straightforward as a piece of paper and a pen. A good plan to find out a lot about your playing method and strategy, is to keep track of your Texas holdem’ playing. It’s possible to write down this information during the poker game, and then transfer it to a database on your home computer. This can also help you learn about your competitor’s playing style, and what is the best tactic to conquer them.

Should I use the same strategy for every Texas holdem’ tournament?

If you think that being predictable is a winning tactic for playing poker, then you should think about changing your Texas holdem’ strategy. The poker pros have the same opinion that changing your Texas holdem’ playing approach is the greatest way to confuse and baffle your Texas holdem’ opponents. You should analyze a number of strategies, find the best ones for each situation and alter them for every Texas holdem’ game.

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16th 2008
The secret of the poker bluff

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According to the 2006 WSOP champ, Jamie Gold, he wants to be known as the finest bluffer in the world of poker. But if his last tournament is any sign, his wish may not be granted any time soon.

The setting is the 2007 Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic held at the Vegas Bellagio Hotel in 2007. Featuring $50 - $100 blinds and a $15,000 buy-in, Darrell Dicken is just barely holding on. The seat 4 player has just raised his wager to $300, a pretty small raise with only one player taking the bait. “I put him as being weak,” Jamie said, “I was thinking about raising, but instead I just called with a 10-3 of hearts to see what would happen.”

Jamie believed that Brad Booth would make a move, which he did. He re-raised to $1600 from the big blind. Gold had the idea that Booth had a decent hand, but he was in a good position to make a move taking into account the amount of dead money in the pot. Dicken ended up folding, and the unknown in Seat 4 called Booth’s raise.

Now there was over $4000 in the pot, so Jamie raised the wager by $4000. His thought was, only if someone else had aces or kings there would be no possibility they would make that call. Jamie’s strategy was to make a huge move on the flop, as long as no ace showed up. The second part of his plan was to get Booth to fold, which he did. Booth folded with pocket queens.

Coming out of the flop there was an ace of ace-6-5, two clubs. The player in seat 4 checked and Jamie bet $2000. Jamie’s initial thought was to make him think that he had clubs. Seat 4 threw out a $10,000 chip, but didn’t say anything thus converting his raise into a call. Jamie’s thought was that seat 4 most likely had an ace, but you have to defend it in case he hits his set on the upcoming card.

A 2 of hearts showed up on the turn, and Jamie quickly folded to what he thought was a top pair kicker. Seat 4 displayed a king-jack off suit. Seat 4 fooled Gold by bluffing with a better hand, he made a great poker play and kept the bluff going straight to the end.

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10th 2008
New Poker Show Places Everyday People Alongside The World’s Greatest Poker Players

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Poker in the past was a game accessible only in Sin City Hotels or from electronic poker machines, but now it is more in style than ever in Las Vegas thanks to the internet and TV.

The popular Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino, is now betting on this popularity with its new audience-participation show called “The Real Deal!” in its showroom located in the Venetian Resort and Casino, starting in October.

The new game show will join comedy and game show elements to entertain its live audience. The audience will also be able to join in the famous Texas-Holdem’ alongside the top poker players. Many prizes are available for the audience including a chance to win 1$ million.

In “The Real Deal!” the audience will play with players like Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu. Around 10 of the world’s top poker stars have already signed up for the poker game show. The audience will be able to play along with the 90 minute game thanks to handheld, wireless, touch screen devices located on each seat.

“People who take a trip to Las Vegas casinos want to play poker games,” Negreanu says, “but obviously they can’t play in a big game with the players like Doyle or Phil Hellmuth. But, in this show, they actually can.” At the start of the show, six audience members will be chosen to sit at the poker table on stage with two pros. Each audience member is then involved in the action by being dealt a unique set of poker cards on their devices. Everyone in the showroom is then involved in the action with big-screen monitors located on stage.

The show’s creators say that you don’t have to be a pro poker player to play in the game. There are other ways to increase your point total, that doesn’t involve playing poker necessarily. Betting on the suit of the next poker card or trying to guess which state a particular audience member is from, are just some of the ways to come out a winner in this game.

Creators of The Real Deal are also betting on the great personalities of the pro poker stars to have great moments. Poker players such as Scotty Nguyen, the flamboyant five-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner, definitely knows about entertaining the crowd and will provide some great entertainment in this new poker game show .

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1st 2008
Actors and Celebrity Poker Players Fight for New Poker Laws

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Shortly after the opening of last week’s charity celebrity poker game to aid the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Ben Affleck goes all-in with a flop of Ace-Nine-King and two diamonds. He cringes when two of his challengers call the bet. He yells “Re-buy”, but the turn is a seven of hearts. Affleck is disappointed when a jack of diamonds is dealt on the river. He took the hand seriously even though there was no actual cash at stake. This is just the kind of thing that Affleck and several other online poker enthusiasts are petitioning for.

Over $100,000 was raised for the paralyzed victims, but this was not the only function of the celebrity poker event held in Coors Field. Members of the Poker Players Alliance are working very hard to legalize online poker in the United States. As part of their agenda, they are pushing to repeal the 2006 legislation Congress passed which bans U.S. Banks and credit card companies from processing transactions related to online gaming websites.

John Pappas, executive director of the Poker Players Alliance, is optimistic about the direction that the new congress will lead this decision. Pappas says that the alliance is pushing for a licensed industry, just for internet poker, and not for all internet gambling. Pappas is interested in having a safe, regulated industry that all Americans can enjoy. The group is fighting for the rights of people and the privacy they deserve in their own home.

“There are misconceptions about poker and about online poker,” poker pro Andy Bloch said in between hands during the charity poker event. “Some people think that internet gaming is gambling like a slot machine, and it’s not.”

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